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Expert septic inspections, excavations, repairs and installations

Septic System Excavation & Installation

When your septic tank requires a service or a repair, you’ll appreciate having a reliable local company that can fix the problem quickly.

Parker Excavation are septic systems experts with over 50 years experience in the North Country. We can guarantee a professional septic system installation for proper flow, waste degradation, and drainage. And when your old septic system breaks down, we’re here to help you with the entire septic excavation process.

Septic Tank Inspection

Before excavating a septic system, our specialists will perform a septic tank inspection to gain a complete understanding of the system. Our thorough inspections can reduce the risk of unnecessary damage to your yard. They also protect any nearby wiring, piping, or other materials.

Soil Testing

You should always insist on soil testing before having a septic tank installed or an old septic system excavated. Parker Excavation’s team of septic system experts will test your soil to see how well it drains. This can prevent unpleasant sewage ponds from seeping into your yard. It also gives us a better understanding of what to expect during the excavation process.

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Septic Excavation

After we complete the septic tank inspection and soil testing, the Parker Excavation team will create a septic excavation action plan. This helps us perform a complete septic excavation safely and in the best possible time. We’ll ensure that the excavation is deep enough so your pipes and septic tank will not be visible. Reaching the optimum depth also helps gravity assist with the flow of waste away from your home.

Septic Tank Installation

After the septic tank has been completely excavated, the process of installing the new septic system can begin. Excavating and installing a new septic system can be a daunting project, but
you can rely on Parker Excavation’s 50 years of experience. Our friendly team will walk you through the entire process and have your septic system running again in no time at all.

Benefits of our Septic Services

When you choose Parker Excavation, you’ll receive a professional septic systems service that has been trusted in the North Country for over 50 years.

Here are more benefits that you’ll enjoy with Parker Excavation:

One-Stop Septic Tank Services

From septic tank inspections, to excavations, to repairs and installations, gain peace of mind knowing that Parker Excavation can do it all.

Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Our thorough septic tank inspections will reduce the risk of damage to your yard as well as any nearby wiring, piping, or other materials.

Expert Septic Tank Excavations

Our excavations are deep enough so that gravity can help move the flow of waste from your home and ensure your septic tank is completely covered.

Prevent Sewage Ponds

Our professional soil testing service determines how well your soil drains and prevents unpleasant sewage ponds from seeping into your yard.

Septic Tank FAQ’s

The depth in which a septic tank needs to be buried can vary depending on the type of septic tank as well as the surrounding area. If the septic tank is located in an area that gets driven over or has a large amount of foot traffic it is recommended to bury it deeper to protect the system. Another factor to keep in mind is the weather in the area. The depth required will be different in an area that gets a lot of rain and flooding compared to a location with incredibly dry soil. With all these variables it can be difficult to give an exact estimate of how deep your septic tank needs to be buried but it is typically recommended that it is between 6 inches deep and 4 feet deep. Our profession septic tank excavation and installation crew will help analyze the soil and place your system at the correct depth.

The septic tank excavation process can vary depending on the requirements of the clients as well as the current health of the system. If your tank only needs to be pumped compared to excavated it will be much cheaper than removing the entire system from your yard. When pricing a septic tank excavation project it is important to keep in mind the man-hours required, the labor costs, the equipment costs, and the analysis required to make sure the project goes smoothly.

Excavating a septic tank requires a thorough plan and execution in order to completely remove the old system as well as make sure that the dig site is kept in the best condition possible. Depending on the complexity of the system and the location it can take as little as an afternoon or remove your septic tank or as long as multiple days. There are multiple variables that come into play that can impede the progress. Our team utilizes a thorough analysis of the system and ground to provide our clients with the best possible project results.

Septic system inspections are done every few years to make sure that your septic system is working correctly and there aren’t any issues that need to be fixed. The inspection will give you a thorough analysis of the health of your septic system and help you avoid unneeded damage to your system, pipes, and yard. The inspection will typically begin with a visual inspection of the tank itself. The inspector will analyze the water levels as well as check the pipes for any signs of blockage or deterioration. Often times the inspector will test running water from your home and analyze how much and at what rate it flows into the septic tank. This is done by adding dye to the water to get a better idea of how well it is flowing. After the visual inspection, it is common for your tank to be pumped in order to analyze the backflow and check for blockage issues. This is typically where drainage issues and spillage is detected. It is important to find septic issues as early as possible before the issues compromise the integrity of the entire system.

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