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Residential Excavation Services

Parker Excavation has been the trusted choice for residential excavation services in the North Country for over 50 years. We have decades of experience helping local homeowners renovate their property and manage their own construction projects.

Whether it’s pouring a concrete pad or breaking ground on your dream home, no job is too big or too small for Parker Excavation.

Foundation Construction

We use the latest excavation equipment to ensure your construction project has a stable and secure foundation. Parker Excavation can shape, move, remove, add, and process soil to get your construction site ready on-time and on-budget.


Trenching might be required to shape your land to match the construction regulations of the building that will be constructed. Our trenching experts can review the City and State regulations associated with your construction project and provide professional guidance to keep everything building code compliant.

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Pond Excavation

From clearing the land to filling your pond, Parker Excavation is your one-stop-shop for any pond excavation or pond construction project. Our state-of-the-art procedures streamline the pond excavation process, saving you time and money.

Our comprehensive pond excavation process includes:

  • Clearing/Shaping land
  • Burning brush
  • Digging the pond
  • Building the pond dam
  • Installing an overflow system
  • Filling the pond
  • Performing pond maintenance

Land Clearing

We offer complete land clearing solutions like removing any trees, stumps, debris, and other obstacles that might be hindering your construction project. We can also strategically review your site to ensure it meets all your construction requirements.

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization should be considered before building on a construction site to ensure a strong and stable fiundation. Some of the soil stabilization techniques that Parker Excavation offer include:

  • Soil compaction
  • Soil dewatering
  • Adding cement

Benefits of our Residential Excavations

When you choose Parker Excavation for your residential excavation project, you’ll receive a professional service that has been trusted in your local area for over 50 years.

Here are more benefits you’ll enjoy with Parker Excavation:

On-Site Estimates

Our on-site estimates provide you with more accurate pricing and let us discuss your exact requirements face-to-face.

One-Stop Excavation Service

Hiring us removes all of the hassles of transforming your land for construction. We clear, dig and remove everything for you.

Soil Stabilization Specialists

Our perfected soil stabilization methods ensure the foundation of your building will be secure for many years to come.

City & State Regulation Experts

Parker Excavation are City and State building code experts with over 50 years experience in your local neighborhood.

Site Work Contractor FAQs

Site work construction encompasses a large part of the total construction project. It is typically considered to be anything that is worked on except for the building of the physical structure. This means it can be constructing the foundation of the building, trenching, excavating septic systems, digging pipelines, land clearing, pond excavation, soil stabilization, concrete placing, and many other services.

It is common to think that excavating contractors only dig and haul dirt out of a job site, but excavating contractors are actually responsible for grading the soil, clearing the land, preparing the job site, and other tasks. One of the most important tasks that an excavator does is preparing the job site for construction. If the job site isn’t prepared properly it can make it difficult for the project to be a success.

A job site excavator needs to use a variety of excavation techniques to be able to work on different construction projects. These techniques include channel excavation, bridge digging, drainage excavation, dredging, much digging, stripping, topsoil removal, borrowing, and footing.

The excavation of a construction site can be a long process or a relatively short process depending on the project. The excavation process typically begins with an analysis of the area. An action plan is written up and potential trouble areas are identified before digging begins. The action plan is vital in order to keep the project on the set timeline. It also ensures things like any septic tanks, underground wiring, or piping isn’t accidentally damaged during digging.

Trenching is a common technique used in the excavation process because of its ability to accurately place underground infrastructure without having to dig up the entire site. Trenches are diggings that are long, narrow, and deeper than they are wide. This is different from typical excavation as those are typically holes that are roughly equal when it comes to their dimensions.

Trenches are typically used when placing long infrastructure such as gas lines, water piping, or electrical wiring. The trenching will protect them because of how deep the trenches are typically dug. Trenching can be difficult to perform because the trenches need to be very narrow. This leaves them susceptible to collapse and flooding.

Parker Excavation’s job site professionals are trained to deal with trenching as well as various other methods of excavation and construction site preparation.

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